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Maryland Puppy Breeders Golden Retriever Breeders Best Practices

D's Golden Delights of MD Maryland Puppy Breeders Golden Retriever Breeders Best Practices

D's Golden Delights

Mid-Atlantic Region Golden Retriever Breeders Best Practices

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Mid-Atlantic Region Golden Retriever Breeders Best Practices

Conowingo, MD - - A growing family is an exciting thing and when that means you’re thinking about adding a dog into your life, there’s no better companion animal out there than the lovable Golden Retriever. Known for their sweet dispositions and loyalty, Goldens are the perfect pet for families of all sizes and ages. Intelligent and adorable, these are a working breed of dog that can make itself at home just about anywhere. Getting a puppy from responsible and experienced Golden Retriever breeders is the first step in having a well-rounded companion for years to come.

A new puppy is completely dependent on its adoptive family to care for it and give it everything it needs to live a balanced, enjoyable life. A healthy puppy should come from the breeder with veterinary papers and registration from the American Kennel Club (AKC) so you know you’re off to a good start. Be sure your home has been puppy-proofed so it is safe for your new companion and that you have stocked up on the many supplies you will need for your puppy’s first few weeks at home with you.

A collar, identification tag, dog license, and leash or harnesses are some of the first things you will need to exercise and begin training your puppy. You will also need a balanced puppy food, bowls for food and water (which should be cleaned at least once per day), toys; a brush, shampoo, and a crate if you plan to have your puppy sleep in or stay in a crate while you are out of the house.

Accredited and responsible Golden Retriever breeders can offer you some great advice and insight on the first few weeks you’ll have your puppy home with you. Feel free to ask your breeder about training, food, veterinary care, exercise ideas, and his or her opinions on issues like crating or paper training a puppy. Breeders are experienced with Golden puppies and adults and will know much more about these dogs’ personalities and habits than just any pet owner.

D’s Golden Delights is a responsible and careful breeder of purebred Golden Retrievers, always seeking to breed and raise the perfect companion animal for your family. They come to you well socialized and on their way to being outside potty-trained. One of the best mid-Atlantic region Golden Retriever breeders, D’s is a great place to find the Golden puppy who will become a family member for life.


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Maryland Golden Retriever Puppy Breeder Reviews

Beware – Not All Golden Retriever Breeders Offer Quality Stock

Just as is the possibility with any other business, Golden Retriever breeders aren’t always reputable. So what should you look for when buying a Golden Retriever puppy from a breeder? The more informed you are before you buy, the better your chances that you will have a positive experience when buying your new puppy.

  • When you start your search, a good place to begin is with a testimonial from a satisfied owner of a Golden Retriever. Ask friends, family, co-workers or even veterinarians that can help verify the quality of a breeder you are considering getting a puppy from.

  • When you are in the process of selecting a breeder be prepared to ask questions before you settle on one.
  • How long have they been breeding Goldens?
  • How many other breeds do they have? (A breeder that only breeds Goldens is a plus)
  • Do they insist that non-show qualities are spayed or neutered at the proper age to
           prevent breeding in the future?
  • Do they have a clear understanding of the temperaments of the pedigree of the pups?
  • Do they offer assistance in choosing the right puppy for you and your family?
  • Can they provide at least two references of people who have taken puppies from them?
  •  Do they require you to come and visit their premises where the mother and litter ofpuppies resides so you can see how they have been raised and cared for?
            If they do NOT allow a visit – don’t deal with this breeder!
  • Do they require a non-refundable deposit? Most breeders ask for a deposit of $100-$200 for the puppy but there should never be a reason that it is not refundable.

Another red flag is a breeder who specializes in color only. The latest fad in Golden breeders is the “white” or “ultralight” color. Some unscrupulous breeders will even charge outrageous amounts of money for a Golden of this variety. Steer Clear!

Good, reputable breeders do not offer this “service” and will breed any shade of Golden. Their focus instead, is on temperament, health and other standards that are required by the AKC.

For more than15 years we've been helping families discover the love and loyalty of owning a golden retriever. Our puppies are whelped and raised in our home for the first three weeks where they are well socialized by us, the grand kids and family friends.

They are then moved outside into climate controlled areas where they can play, explore, grow and become accustomed to outside potty training. (They are not conditioned to do their business in the home.) This is well appreciated by our customers when they take a puppy home and don't have to break their puppy of bad habits. For more information on our puppies, please feel free to visit us at


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History of D’s Golden Delights:


For the past sixteen years, Dianna has been raising only Golden Retrievers with the aim of producing a healthy, friendly and trainable family tradition. The puppies are whelped and raised in her home for the first three weeks where they are well socialized by her family and herself.

Then, they will be moved outside into climate controlled areas where these puppies can play, explore freely, grow and become accustomed to outside potty training. This is a good form of practice for them. Most customers are happy with Dianna’s training for a good trained puppy will not practice bad habits when they are purchased home. 

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